10 Tips on how to take care of clothes

Who doesn’t like longer living clothes especially if those are your branded clothes. The average lifespan of any clothe is two and a half years, Yes if you don’t take care of it. But what if I say that by taking good care of your clothes by understanding and implementing some factors you can increase the life of your clothes. I have seen people who wear their mother’s 25 years of clothes by just taking good care of it.

Of course, these clothes are your investments on yourself which you put in vain by avoiding the factors which can save your clothes. Here are 10 tips on how to take care of clothes.

Smell and Check for Spot

While taking off your clothes smell it and look for any specific spot. If your clothes are not smelly and without spot, then you don’t need to put them into the washing machine. You can reuse your clothes.

Stay Proactive with stains

We are humans, we do make multiple mistakes sometimes in clumsiness or in rush we through coffee or other liquor to our clothes. You can save your clothes from being destroyed by just staying alert towards any stain. Example if you put split coffee or tea then simply wash that part of your cloth within a minute. Your cloth will lose the stain either the older that stain become the more prominent and stronger they become.

 Carefully Washing Clothes

You should take care of your clothes while washing them. If you wash your clothes with warm water, it will create less wrinkles on your clothes. Small consideration can save your clothes from damage like separate the colored clothes from white one, as they can get mix and colored your other clothes too. Before washing your clothes try to read the washing instructions, this will safe your time and energy and your most important thing your clothes from being damaged.

Don’t Put Your Clothes into Misfit Place

Many of us put our clothes into a small place where there are thousands of other clothes which need to be assembled. This can damage and decrease the lifespan of your clothes.  Making a heap of your clothes will seriously ruin your clothes and it’s shape. Like humans the clothes need the environment too. A better space with assembled clothes will increase your clothes lifespan and will give you mental peace.

Ironing Your Clothes

Never forget to iron your clothes after dry cleaning them. Proper ironing will increase the lifespan of your clothes and will also give you perfect vibes while having them. One more crucial thing which is that before ironing your clothe try to see the type of fabric as some fabric need lighter heat or some don’t need to iron.

Always Use Quality Hangers

Try to use quality hangers while hanging your clothes. As our clothes spend most of the time hanging. Most people buy steel hangers which get rusted within days and these hangers destroy your fabric too.  Badly shaped hangers do cause the damage on shoulder side of your clothes whether those are stripes or rubber type sleeves. You can go for eco-friendly initiative by using wooden hangers which will definitely not cause any damage to your clothes and will increase its lifespan.

Dry Cleaning When Needed

You should understand that you are not the only one who can solve own problems some of your problems do need others to be resolved. Like dry cleaning. You should give your precious clothes like delicate fiber to dry cleaning. Timely dry cleaning will increase the lifespan of your clothes.

Check the Pockets

Before dry cleaning or washing your clothes at home you should empty the pockets of your clothes. As the rough jewelry or any other thing can damage the fabric of your clothes. Sometimes these items get stuck into the washing machine and cause damage to the machine too.

Buy Quality Over Quantity

You don’t need to buy a lot of clothes to look good. If you have a dressing sense so some good quality clothes can increase your beauty thrice. You must have that fashion sense that which color goes well with which color. Buying quality and ethical clothes can turn out the biggest positive investment on your own self. For this organic cotton and linen are the bests choice ever. You can stich by yourself and create multiple deigns over one piece of fabric.   

You Must Know the Basics

Being a proactive person, you must know the basic repairs like stitching own fabric through pin or placing your shirt’s missing button or stitching the rough side of you clothe to make it perfect fit. Once you practice these things religiously your life becomes more and more easy with handling clothes. Our clothes need our attention too. They do need space and a comfortable environment to breathe to live longer.


Try to protect your clothes while cooking, wear an apron to protect them from direct stain while eating, try to use the fabrics or tissue to protect your clothes. If you are not comfortable with detergent, you can go for vinegar and soda but very little amount as it can destroy the fabric or higher amount can cause the prominent stain or it can make your cloth colorless.

Most people take care of their clothes but just to save some penny they invest in the wrong washing machine. You should buy quality machine for your clothes as it is one time investment. After that you should also consider not to use excessive amount of detergent. This can cause the bubbles, but the particles can damage your clothes.  However, you can use the soap for washing your clothes while washing with hands and light detergent when it comes to detergent. One last factor, try to dry your clothes in natural air instead of machine’s dry. The more your clothes will be in the natural environment and sunlight the more chances of increasing their lifespan. Hope this detailed article will help you to understand the basics of how to care for your clothes.

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