The Science of Stain Removal: Effective Techniques for Dubai’s Toughest Stains

Dubai is a country that has muggy and hot atmosphere and its vibrant lifestyle can lead to little inconvenience by causing the stains to hold the power to destroy beautiful and valuable things from various different factors. Cleaning the stains could be easy if simple methods using little science could be applied. In Dubai it can be done by simple ways if person knows what to do it and when to do it and applying all these techniques that are discussed below can cause the toughest marks to vanish.                             

Stains are basically colored particles that get lodged in the fabrics and that are caused from variety of sources such as foods, dirt, oil and many other items. There are ways that could be applied to remove all these stains.

Chemical Reactions

There are cleaning solutions that have the ability to react with stains chemically. The enzymes present in the detergent can help in breaking down the protein based stains such as egg yolk.

Fiber Types

There are different types of fiber that posses different quality as cotton can absorb the liquid more easily whereas the polyesters are more stain-resistant. The cleaning methods for different fiber types are different.

Various different strategies can be used to remove the stain that are caused by different reasons.

1. Food and Drink Stains

Coffee and Tea

Sift away the liquid right away. Baking soda paste or the solution of the vinegar could be used as the pre-treatment to remove the stains. The enzyme based detergent and warm water should be used to clean the stain.

Oil and Grease

Get rid of the oil firstly. To absorb the oil corn flour or baking soda could be used then by using dish soap as the pre-treat would help overcome the stain and then it should be rinsed with the hot water.


When removing the stain that is caused by wine, always work fast. Fresh towel should be used to blot after that applying baking soda or a salt paste as pre-treatment is also helpful. Enzyme detergent and then an wash from cold water would help to wipe that stain off.

2. Stains caused by Outdoor activities


Make sure to use any dull knife to first rake away that loose sand. To cove those last bits of material consider using a vacuum attachment that is particularly designed for the furniture.


White vinegar should be considered using as the pre-treat and then prefer using an detergent that is odor eliminating and wash it with the cold water.


Apply the pre wash stain remover that is designed actually for the oil based stains. Then wash it with the hot water.

3. Other household Stains


First consider knowing the type of ink that has caused the stain then try using the rubbing nail polish remover which is used for certain ink types or try using rubbing alcohol on the clean cloth and dab it in the inward direction to prevent the spreading.


Take the prompt action. Remove any extra paint with the help of scrape As the stain of the paint once not taken step directly could lead to the permanent stain. Use a chemical solvent such as mineral spirit as the pre-treatment and firstly try doing this on a discrete area to get the idea if the technique is actually working. Then use the detergent and try washing it with the hot water.

Few Tips to Consider for Effective Stain Removal

  • To ensure that the agent you are using does not discolor the fabric always try to apply it on the small area so that first the person could have the idea that it wont destroy your fabric by discoloring.
  • Make sure to clean the area where you have worked so that it does not help whenever you the spill.
  • Make sure to act fast when cleaning the stain so that it is not sticks and permanent as when you try cleaning it with first place it is always easier when you clean it in first go.
  • Always be careful when working with the stain as make sure to avoid the scrubbing as when you scrub the stain it keeps getting spread in the whole direction further.
  • If you ever think you are not sure of the stain so try consulting a profession to know which certain product should be used.
  • Don’t panic by thinking how are you going to clean as panicking will lead you to clean whole of the stain together and you wont work stepwise.
  • Try enjoying the cleaning process to make the cleaning time more enjoyable and it will also distract you from the work.
  • Always try to keep the stain removal kit on hand so that it could be tackle as soon as the stain happen.

Prevention from Stain

  • Particularly when it comes to stain, its better to avoid the stain instead of having them the care is better.
  • There are many stores that allow you to have stain guards for brand new garments in Dubai and that are invisible and can be used to prevent the stain from happening.
  • There are many fabric sprays that are available in market that are used for furniture, carpet and table clothes. These sprays help stop the setting of the stain that gets deeper in the furniture or the carpet
  • Make sure when serving the food, napkins are always ready as napkins are the key to avoide the stain. Try saying to everyone that is on the table for food too blot the napkin on the spill instead of rubbing on the stain and making it more dirty..
  • Use bibs for the little kids as kids are the one who makes more dirt and spread the spills so using bib for them is one of the best life saver to prevent stains.
  • Regularly vacuuming will also help to prevent the dust or any little stain that might have been caused due too any reason.
  • Beware of the ink as keeping the ink pens or things with ink kept in the pocket, bags can help the ink to spread and lead to the stain so avoiding them is also helpful.


In conclusion, Dubai being the city with ultimate weather and vibrant lifestyle, it can cause tough stains but if treated right individual can get rid of the stains by thoroughly following the variety of techniques as discussed. Whether the stain is caused by coffee or by the oil it can be removed. To truly be free from stain and achieving the best result napkins, bibs, vacuuming regularly and things like that could help. By using all these ways you can have all your clothes and furniture stain-free.

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