The Benefits of Professional Dry Cleaning vs. At-Home Methods

Have you ever wondered that why people chose to dry clean their clothes mostly instead giving try to  a home dry cleaner at home dry cleaning machine. Why people prefer to give their clothes to professionals because from subconscious they know that their clothes are in safe hands and will be in good condition.

Undoubtedly dry-cleaning gained much popularity in several years. It’s been popular since 90s when elite class started drying their clothes.

However, in this blog we will see the advantages and disadvantages of professional dry-cleaning vs at home.

Understand the Basic: What is Dry Cleaning?

Before moving further let’s see what dry cleaning is. When you wash clothes by using chemicals instead of water. This is done by a proper process which involves the combining of clothes with the chemical named PERC (perchloroethylene) to remove stains and dirt.

This process allows the deeper cleaning of your clothes especially delicate fiber to remove dirt without harming a simple thread of your fiber. In normal washing we use water which sometimes cause shrinkage and fading of clothes but professional dry cleaning is dry cleaning which cause no harm to your clothes an easiest way to remove stubborn stains that may be difficult to remove from home dry cleaner at home dry cleaning machine.

However, after reading this don’t take all your clothes and start doing dry cleaning some of the clothes don’t need this dry-cleaning process like leather and suede should not be cleaned this way professionally as there is a chance of damage of these clothes.

One more thing, some people may be allergic to this chemical. Due to which it can cause allergy to them so this maybe not suitable for them too. One more piece of advice which is most common that before deciding about your clothes that whether they need dry cleaning or not read the label carefully. This will help you to understand which of your fabric need dry cleaning.

The Benefits of Dry Cleaning at Home:

Can be cost-effective for you. You can clean your clothes at home without giving any money to anyone. The cost associate with you home based dry cleaning things is lower than the service charges cut by the professional dry cleaning.

You aren’t bound under anyone on time that which time suits you then you can wash your clothes but with professionally laundry service you must be on their time when they give you time you need to pick your clothes or at least remind them to drop your clothes.

The Disadvantages of Dry Cleaning at Home:

As not everyone is professional at laundry so there is higher chances of potential damage. Everyone can clean there normal wear but those which need special care and not everyone can handle that.

Laundry with strong stains can be more time consuming for anyone. As in professional dry cleaning services there are multiple machines which done the multiple jobs at one time. At home it take too long to complete one thing.

The Benefits of Professional Dry Cleaning:

When it comes to washing clothes people chose two methods, one is to dry clean and the second to wash their clothes at home. although there are several reasons which is why people chose the dry-cleaning option some of them are:

Quality Cleaning of Clothes:

Everyone wants their clothes to be professionally clean then they have experience in their home. Once you have a stain it is almost impossible to remove it through washing it at home. It requires special treatment which can only be possible through professional dry cleaning. They use special solvent to remove the stains and protect fiber from any damage. If you want your clothes to be fresh and have fresh smell, then you should go for professional dry cleaning.

Professionally Stains Removing:

What if you get a hard-core stain and you ruin it by washing it at home. A problematic situation or not. Yes , a more problematic situation for you, instead of trying your level best at home what you need at that time is a professional laundry cleaner who will remove these stains for you within an hour. They use specialized cleaners to clean the fabric with it’s types to save it from any damage.

Preservation of Clothes:

The agitation and tumbling of your home machine can cause the damage to your clothes over time. In contrast, dry cleaning method can preserve your clothes more longer period and moreover they use specialized techniques to maintain the shape of your clothes and prevent it from shrinkage.

Time Saving Method:

Professional dry cleaning maintain the quality and save your time from washing your clothes at home because at home it takes hours to wash they clean and then dry those clothes. Meanwhile at professional dry cleaning it only take one or two hour to complete the whole task. The more longer it will take is only one day where you will get your clothes to be completely ready and sometimes on your doorstep through one call.

Convenient for You:

As I mentioned earlier that it is more convenient option that you will get you cleaned clothes at your doorstep just on a call. This is very convenient for those individuals who don’t have time and resources to do laundry at home.

Wrap Up:

As you see the straight difference between benefits of professional laundry vs at home. That you can go for any option according to your convenience. If you choose professional laundry it will be more convenient for you as it will not consume your time and energy and if you choose a professional one than your clothes will be on your doorstep. Hope this will help you to better understand that which option is best fit for you.  

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