Laundry Symbols Explained: A Dubai Resident’s Essential Guide

Are you the one who always totally feels nerd after facing so many laundry symbols or something like this happened to you? That you picked up a gorgeous dress, see the label and promised yourself to hand wash it but that never happens? 

Is it relatable to you? If yes. Then let me help you out to understand these labels. But before dig down into it let’s see some of the confusing questions which might spin your head.

What are deciphering laundry care labels?

In first glance the word, “deciphering” is confusing but let me make you understand that this word means, understanding some information that is difficult or obscure. Like, coding, symbols etc. in laundry deciphering labels means the instruction related to laundry of that fabric. Manufacturers put on labels for the consumer to take care of their garment.

What is the importance of laundry symbols in Dubai?

Globally the symbols are used to provide hidden instruction. As we see these laundry symbols but now things have changed a lot. Many new innovations have introduced to the market. Example QR code. Now many laundry symbols are represented through QR code present on your dress which you can easily scan through your phone. Likewise, for more user experience some brands introduced the infographics symbols on dresses. The more interesting thing is that, as many companies exports globally so they use multilingual symbols in their garments to widen their market.

As we all know, Dubai is living its fast-paced life, where style is an achievement for a person, that’s why it is the hub of all the brands and tourists. It is very crucial for the residents of Dubai to have laundry symbol. 

How many deciphering laundry care labels are there?

There are many symbols are there, but some are the most common symbols are there. Like, Dry cleaning symbol, Ironing Symbol, Simple Drying symbol, Hand Wash Symbol, and Synthetic washing symbol. 

Dry Cleaning Symbol

  • This is a very common symbol globally. This represented a small circle which indicates that a garment should be dry clean rather than washed by hand.
  • This symbol is usually for delicate fabric which needs to be cleaned in a very special way rather than traditional wash.
  • There are more written words which are used in this symbol that indicates more instructions. Like, from which solvent that fabric should be cleaned. Example “P” is in that circle instruct that fabric should be washed with perchloroethylene solvent. 
  • While “F” and “W” indicate that fabric should be washed with petroleum based or water-based solvent. 

Ironing Symbol

This symbol indicates the that the fabric must be safely ironed safely ironed at the mentioned temperature. This symbol is very crucial to protect fabric from damage and to increase its life.

 The ironing symbol includes one to three dots inside the iron image which represent the different temperatures.

  • One Dot: One dot represents that the fabric should be ironed at very low temperature. The temperature is between 200F to 300F. 
  • Two Dots: this represents that the fabric should be ironed at moderate temperature. The temperature should be between 300F to 390F.
  • Three Dots: This indicates the high heat setting, The garment should be ironed above 390F. This includes the heavy fabric which needs high heat to remove wrinkles. 
  • Sometimes the type of ironing is also mentioned, like whether it should be pressed or steamed. 

Simple Drying Symbol

This symbol shows the recommended drying method after washing the garments. This symbol ensures that your clothes should be dried properly after washing the garments.

  • Horizontal lines: this shows that the fabric should be dry straight, as it will loss it’s shape. This shows that clothes should not be hung.
  • Vertical Lines: this indicates that the clothes must be hung to maintain their shape and fabric.
  • Diagonal lines: It shows that the clothes should be dry on clothesline or dry rack. It is the alternative to the second one. This also includes whether the garment should be hung in sun’s exposure because most of the clothes have this instruction to expose them in sun.

Hand Wash Symbol

This symbol is present those clothes which need gentle care while washing. Example linen, delicate fabric etc. this symbol instruct that the cloth should be washed with hands instead of washing machine.

Guide of Washing Clothes by hands

It’s simple to wash the clothes by hand. If you don’t know this, you can easily learn through this simple guide. First fill the sink with clean water then add a small amount of gentle detergent thoroughly, remember use the detergent especially made for hand washing clothes. now submerge the garments and soak it into water. Allow the fabric to soak for some time into water until the germs and dirt part away. A few minutes later try to remove the hard dirt from your hands but gently with the help of your fingers. Now put the clothes into cool water until all the soap residue, then put the clothes on a towel to rinse it. Either hang it or you can put it on a towel. 

Synthetic Washing Symbol

The synthetic washing symbol is represented by triangle which indicates that the clothe can safely washed by washing machine. When the synthetic washing label is preset on fabric so you should follow the guidelines of how much temperature is given in instructions and you should use the mild detergent plus.

Experts Advice

Avoid using bleach during washing process until it’s your bed sheet or sofa cover. Bleach can damage your soft and delicate fabric and after washing it is a must to remove clothes from washing machine promptly. This small advice can safe your clothes from damage and will increase the lifespan of your clothes.


It is now mandatory on you to follow laundry guides and make them the part of your routine. This will not only increase the beauty of your clothes but also make your work easier.

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