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Welcome to Express Dry Clean Laundry: Your Destination for Premium Ironing / Steam Service in Dubai

Welcome to Express Dry Clean Laundry, your premier destination for ironing and steam services in Dubai. We understand the demands of modern life and the importance of presenting yourself with crisp, professional attire. Our ironing service is tailored to meet your needs, whether you require a quick touch-up for a business meeting or a complete overhaul of your wardrobe. With meticulous attention to detail, our skilled team ensures that every garment is expertly pressed to perfection, leaving you looking polished and confident.

In addition to traditional ironing, we offer cutting-edge steam services to rejuvenate your clothes and remove stubborn wrinkles with ease. Our state-of-the-art equipment delivers powerful steam that penetrates deep into the fabric, restoring its natural luster and freshness. Whether it's delicate silk blouses or sturdy denim jeans, our steam service is gentle yet effective, preserving the quality of your garments while providing unparalleled results. Experience the difference with Express Dry Clean Laundry and step out in style, every time.

Our laundry Services in Dubai

Make your life easier with Express Dry Clean Laundry’s wide range of services. We offer convenience, quality, and peace of mind with every wash, fold, and press.


Elevate your laundry experience with Express Dry Clean Laundry’s expert washing services, delivered with convenience and care.

Dry Cleaning

Enhance your dry cleaning with Express Dry Clean Laundry’s premium services, delivered conveniently and with care.


Revitalize your ironing routine with Express Dry Clean Laundry’s professional services, ensuring convenience and care in every press.

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Are you prepared to take your laundry game to the next level? Contact Express Dry Clean Laundry today to schedule your pickup and immerse yourself in the epitome of premium laundry service. At Express Dry Clean Laundry, perfection isn’t just a standard – it’s a way of life.



Inspection and Sorting

Upon receiving your garments, our skilled team carefully inspects each item for any stains, damages, or special care instructions. We then sort them based on fabric type, color, and required treatment, ensuring that each piece receives the appropriate attention.



Stubborn wrinkles and creases are pre-treated using specialized solutions tailored to the fabric’s needs. Whether it’s a delicate silk blouse or a rugged pair of trousers, our pre-treatment process helps to loosen fibers and facilitate smoother ironing or steaming.


Ironing or Steam Treatment

Depending on the fabric and your preferences, your garments undergo either traditional ironing or advanced steam treatment. Our expert pressers utilize professional-grade equipment and techniques to achieve crisp, wrinkle-free results while maintaining the integrity of the fabric.


Quality Check and Finishing

Once ironing or steaming is complete, each garment undergoes a thorough quality check to ensure precision and consistency. Any remaining wrinkles or imperfections are carefully addressed, and garments are meticulously finished with attention to detail, such as perfectly folded collars and cuffs. Finally, your garments are ready for pickup or delivery, ensuring that you step out in style, feeling confident and well-presented.


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Frequent Ask Questions

Express Dry Clean Laundry provides a range of services including wash and fold, dry cleaning, and garment alterations. We also offer free pickup and delivery for added convenience.

Our pickup and delivery service is simple and convenient. Just schedule a pickup time through our website or by calling us, and our drivers will collect your laundry from your doorstep. Once your laundry is clean, we’ll deliver it back to you at a time that suits you.

Absolutely. We prioritize the safety and security of your garments. Our facilities are equipped with surveillance cameras, and our staff is trained to handle your items with care. Additionally, we use secure storage and handling procedures to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Our standard turnaround time is typically 24-48 hours, depending on the volume of laundry and any special requests. For urgent needs, we also offer same-day and express services for an additional fee.

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