How to Care for Delicate Fabrics: A Guide for Dubai Residents

Living in the lively city of Dubai means embracing the lifestyle of luxury and style. In the middle of all these, it is important to take care of your delicate fabrics which really need important care. It is a big challenge for you to maintain your closet with these beautiful clothes in Dubai’s hot weather but what if you will get guided through step by step through the process of ensuring that your favorite delicate fabric remains as stunning as your city.   

Delicate fabric care is as crucial as having a good personality in Dubai, so before moving further here You will first know what delicate clothe is?

What Are Delicate Fabrics? 

Many of YOU might get baffled while reading this blog that what is delicate fabrics? Delicate fabrics include all silk, silk wool, knitted items, Kashmere, underwear and all those ribbon work and embroidery work. In more simple words those fabrics which need more care to clean. 

You need to be very proactive with your clothes as they are expensive and more crucial for you. You can go for dry cleaning or hand cleaning because these clothes are more likely to damage more from rough handling, high temperature and rough detergents. You need a specialized guide to take care of you delicate fabric.

From World to Dubai the Love Of Delicate Fabrics Around The World 

If you know the history, you may know that delicate fabric was the symbol of love, wealth, power and status. One of them is the Byzantine empire which was known for it’s wealthy culture of delicate fabric which include silk, brocade and linen. The emperor used to wear delicate fabrics with high end jewelry to show their prestigious status and culture. 

Unlike history, people still like delicate fabric with different approach of fashion. Like, these are now in the reach of common people. The advantage of textile is that the delicate fabric is now globally available. Before some decades, delicate fabric was just utilized as formal attire or occasionally but now, thanks to modern fashion, it is a part of our casual dressing. 

modern fashion uses a word Self-Expression, where delicate fabric can show the consumer in more modern and groomed personality. Whether it’s a red silk saree for a romantic date or a chiffon blouse with jeans for a clumsy busy day. People now believe a delicate fiber fashion a unique fashion approach of their mix feelings and emotions.  

Step By Step Guide and Laundry Tips for Delicate Clothes 

Now it’s time to know more about laundry tips for delicate clothes. Most people don’t know that how to take care of these clothes with more gentle way. Here you will know some easy laundry tips for your delicate fabrics.

6 Steps for Delicate Fabric Care in Dubai: 

First Remove Stains:

Before washing your delicate fabric remember to remove the stains first. This should be your priority after coming from any occasion. Stains on these fabrics can be long lasting which might make your laundry experience more unpleasant.

Remember one thing that you should remove stains very gently, whether it’s your shirt or undergarments, because that can damage your fabric. 

Sort Your Clothes According to Color

Don’t mix all your clothes while laundry it may damage the fabric and most importantly your machine may do color bleeding. Let me explain how to sort it out. Always remember the Asian women technique to wash white clothes first then go for lighter one and at the end put dark clothes. 

Use Cool Water 

One of the best laundry tips for delicate clothes is to wash them with cool water. Hot water usually makes the fabric rough. For most of the delicate fabric try to rinse them with hands instead of machines. 

Use Gentle Detergent for Delicate Fabric.

Use gentle detergent for your delicate fabric which does not contain harsh chemicals in it. You can put some soda or lemon hand wash if you don’t find the detergent. There is specific method to do it. You should put cold water into the sink, or a tub then add your detergent into it. Try to mix both complete and then put your delicate fabric into it. Avoid twisting your fabric into it, then easily wash your delicate cloth and rinse it. 

Use Dry Cleaning

Most of your delicate fabric are for events, Its best to dry clean your fabric from best places in Dubai. There are multiple places in Dubai which dry cleans your delicate fabric with gentle care. Dry cleaning is the second-best option if you don’t have time to wash your clothes with your hands. 

Delicate Washing Cycle:

Use the delicate washing cycle while cleaning your delicate fabrics. This cycle usually have a spin option to lower your spin speed and gentle agitation which can reduce the chances of your delicate fabric damage. 

Hang Your Delicate Fabric after washing it. 

Try to hang your Washed delicate fabric, instead of putting it into dryer. This will increase the life of your delicate fabric. You can also soak your fabric on a tower after washing, this may take time but will gently care your clothes.  

Best Places in Dubai for Dry Clean Delicate Clothes

Now this part is for those who want their clothes to be dry clean but don’t know the places. So here we have done some research for you to find the best possible place to dry clean your delicate fabric.

The first and number one dry cleaner in Dubai is “Express Dry Clean” their slogan is as perfect as their services are “We clean 24/7.” They are working in Dubai for almost a decade. Their rating is 4 out 5. They are famous for cleaning all the dresses including wedding gowns. Their website is expressdrycleanlaundry.ae


Hope these laundry tips for delicate clothes will be more helpful for you and now you may understand all the steps of how to do delicate fabric care in gentle way. These small things will not only satisfy you but also increase the life span of your clothes.

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