Guide to Eco-Friendly Laundry Practices in Dubai

What If I start with the dream destination these days. place where people love to visit, where golden sands meet the azure water of the Persian Gulf. An ambitious place for dreamers or you call it modern marvel that will make you fall in love with itself at first glance. Whether it’s Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah or Dubai Frame you can’t resist yourself to enjoy fully to this beautiful city but what makes it more unique is its efforts towards sustainability. Despite of all the unique challenges like rapid urbanization, Deserts and climate change, Dubai sets the target to provide 75% of the Dubai’s energy from clean sources by 2050. 

Incredible, Isn’t it?

The city embraces green building practices, Eco-friendly laundry and smart irrigation system and wastewater recycle system which took it one step ahead of world in sustainability. These small steps also include some sustainable habits like sustainable washing habits and cleaning habits. You might have thought of how you can do eco friendly laundry in Dubai if you are living there? 

So, lets’ make it a piece of cake for you. Through this article you will get more guide to eco-friendly laundry practices in Dubai. Before digging deep into it let’s first see what are the factors which cause pollution, because once we knew the factor we can control it. Right? Let’s see then.

Guide To Eco-Friendly Laundry Practices

Use of Detergent

The most common detergent we use has phosphates and sulphates in it, which causes environmental pollution. Secondly, the wastewater which contains these chemicals contain gases that is hazardous for humans.

Solution Is Eco-Friendly Detergent

To do eco-friendly laundry use the eco-friendly detergents which are based on organic ingredients through plant which can help your cloth to have long lasting life, instead of using chemicals as a softener, you can use herbs like lavender, Chamomile, Rosemary, and lemon balm.

Minimize, Reprocess and Upcycle

The best way for sustainability is to reuse, reprocess and recycle things, so for eco-friendly laundry you need to load the machine fully. It’s just a myth that your machine will get damaged if you load it fully. You can use your clothes fully without putting them into trash. Before tossing your clothes into laundry basket try to use it completely like towel.

Use Cold Water Instead of Hot Water

What if I tell you that 90% of your clothes are damaged due to hot water during laundry. Hot water can easily compromise the integrity of your clothes. Hot water can also shrink and fade and change the shape of your clothes.   

Reuse of Rainwater

Dubai government has already worked a lot on reuse of rainwater. They took multiple initiatives to integrate rainwater harvesting in residential and industrial buildings. These systems help to collect the rainwater from rooftops and make it usable for people. You can use this water in laundry and the government plant a system which recycle the wastewater to maintain the standard of eco-friendly laundry. 

Usage of Energy Efficient Appliances

The world is now working on an energy efficient mechanism which tries to help people work smarter. Dubai aimed to reduce energy consumption by promoting sustainability, like in 2012 Dubai introduce a Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum park. One of the largest solar energy projects in whole world which include both photovoltaic solar and concentrated solar power technologies to increase the share in renewable energy. 

What do you think? If this luxurious and energy efficient city works this much on sustainability, don’t they work on their eco-friendly laundry mechanism? They definitely did. There are many energies efficient appliances out there which help to maintain the standard of eco-friendly laundry. 

Opting For Air Drying

Opting air drying is one the best and crucial techniques in sustainable washing habits. Maybe some of you get confused here. This is a simple method of drying your washed clothes by giving them direct exposure to sun and fresh air after a wash instead of putting them in to dryer. This helps the fabric to clean completely and kills the germs of your clothes. 

Use Wool Dryer Balls (to reduce draying time)

You might be confused by seeing this subheading but let me explain the benefits of wool dryer balls. They create the space between clothes and hot air during the drying process in machine to absorb more air. This has natural absorbent properties which helps it to absorb the moisture in your clothes. 


Let’s sum up this by answering some important questions of our curious readers.

How does doing Eco-friendly laundry affect the environment?

This is very simple. These days your washing machine runs on a high consumption of energy which causes a financial loss to your pockets. Plus, the chemicals detergent has decreased the life of your clothes, So why not eco-friendly laundry? Through eco-friendly laundry you can use less energy and organic detergent which will make your part in sustainability.

 How can I reduce water and energy consumption while doing laundry in Dubai?

As Dubai has already taken the energy efficient initiatives, you can reduce water consumption in Dubai by using a recycled system at your home and for energy consumption you can take an energy efficient machine at your home and you can wash your clothes with hands which is a more sustainable washing habit.

 How can I properly Dispose of unwanted clothes in an eco-friendly way in Dubai?

You can easily dispose of unwanted clothes by giving charity to needy people, swapping your unwanted clothes with friends or family or by making a composition of those clothes whose fabric is made up of linen or cotton or you can recycle those clothes too. There are hundreds of ways to dispose of your clothes in an eco-friendly way.


Let’s summarize this blog here. You may now understand the value of eco-friendly laundry and its method. Dubai has already worked on sustainable practices by its multiple initiatives in the last decade. Now things are crystal clear to you that how you can easily do eco-friendly laundry.

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