Dubai’s Humidity & Its Impact On Laundry: Tips For Proper Drying

What comes to your mind when you think of laundry, especially in Dubai? A hard-core unbearable weather. Undoubtedly Dubai’s coastal location always gives the cinematic view to the people that’s why 14.36 million people (about twice the population of New Jersey) yearly visit Dubai.

But what if you visit your dream place without any research? You will destroy your clothes within 2 weeks. So, if you really wanted to take your life’s best pictures with your clothes or retain your fav shirt in highly humid weather then YOU just need to read this article. It’s an all-in-one guide for you that what are the circumstances you can face while drying clothes in Dubai’s climate.

Understand The Dubai’s Climate

Before moving further, you need to understand what kind of weather that country has. Due to Dubai’s costal location, there is a high chance of humidity in summers, although Dubai always has dry and rough weather due to its desert nature. Once we move towards the guide let me explain a simple science to you. Yes, the science behind draying clothes. Our clothes dry in an atmosphere where there is a high rate of evaporation. High humidity lowers the evaporation which doesn’t let the clothes dry.

In Dubai what affects the most to your clothes is the humidity. Wet clothes can become rough and moldy, and some material become more rigid to wear.  

In Dubai humidity also depends on the months, it’s important for you to understand which month is more humid in Dubai.

During January to March there is a 72% to 76% high chance of mild and manageable weather. This is the highest humid weather. It’s the weather when there is more summer. The best time to do outdoor activities.

During April to May there is a 68% to 70% chance of mild and manageable. This is the most pleasant. It’s the weather when there is not more summer or more winder. The best time to do outdoor activities and less humid weather.

During June till August there is a high chance of humidity in this weather. Try to proactivly do your laundry during this weather and take care of your skin too.

Tips For Proper Drying

Avoid Bedrooms, Drying Rooms for Draying Clothes

Most people ignore this thing but it’s very important that you have a separate space for drying and washing clothes and remember that room must not be your drying room or living room. Although, that makes your house clumsy. You must have a separate ventilated room because humidity and laundry are directly proportional to each other.

Air vents must be your priority, choose the best quality air vents or alteast fans for your drying room to give proper space and air to your clothes.

Use Proper Hanging Techniques:

No matter how well dryer you have but the fibers in your clothes need the proper air for ventilation. If you want to increase the life of your clothes you should hang your clothes after drying. To make things more efficient try to use clothing reck and make sure to open your drying rooms window and doors open.

To not feel uncomfortable use the clothes pins. This will tight up your clothes and prevent them from falling.

Natural Light is Crucial

Although Dubai is a city full of brightness and hot weather. You even don’t need any artificial machine’s help to dry them. All you need is to hang them in front of sunlight. Try to rotate your laundry to get things faster and this process will increase the evaporation faster.

Use Dehumidifier

This will do your work more effectively with lower energy consumption. These days Dubai has some torrential rainy weather, where dehumidifier will be your life saver.

Dry Clothes According to their Weight

Try to use the lighter fabrics first and then go Havier one. Light weight clothes like loan, cotton will take less time to dry and then you can go for heavy weight clothes. Try to wash your heavy embraided clothes with your hands and dray them on separate space

Prevent your Clothes from Overcrowding

Overcrowding of clothes may let your rack fall or color effect your clothes. Always try to put your clothes with enough space. The overcrowding may stop the airflow which can cause the overtime to dry your clothes

Aerated the Laundry with Dry Balls

Always try to use dry balls while drying your clothes, this will help them to aerated with that environment. And prevent clothes to become stuck with each other.

Iron Your Clothes:

If you don’t have this much time to dry your clothes so it’s easy and time efficient to iron your clothes but remember not to iron your wet clothes every time while going outside this may damage your clothes.

Tips For Handling Sensitive Fabric

Having vast knowledge of Dubai’s weather and drying clothes with it’s humidity, it is also very crucial to understand what type of clothes you are washing. How to handle different clothes. This will help you master the art of laundry, especially sensitive clothes and doing laundry in humid weather.

There are some clothes like silk, wool and delicate fiber which need special care during drying. These clothes can get damaged if you wash them with heavy hands. If you are drying clothes in machine, make sure to dry it on lower heat.

Try to avoid misshaping and hanging of such clothes this can damage the fabric of your clothes. To prevent snagging of your delicate clothe try to put it into mesh bags. Use good quality detergent to avoid any mishap with your delicate fiber.


At the end I would say that patience is king. If you are drying your delicate fiber or embroidered fiber in Dubai’s weather, then you need to follow the precautions and technique to prevent your clothes from damage. Drying clothes in Dubai’s environment is hard but by proper utilizing of your tools like fans and dryer with natural environment it is possible to dry your laundry in Dubai’s humid weather.

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